Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Runaway 2 - The Dream Of The Turtle

Runaway 2 - The Dream Of The Turtle (English version)

Language : English
Publisher : Ascaron
Developer : Pendulo Studios
Format : DvD9 (5,96 GB - Rar 3,76 GB)
Genre : Adventure

Aware of the expectations a sequel to Brian & Gina's adventures would trigger a few years after the first release, Pendulo Studios has taken its time to develop and improve this new episode called The Dream of the Turtle. The team has worked hard with a very clear and precise objective: to make the game better than the original in every way and offer an even funnier and captivating gaming experience.

Players will be able to explore more than 100 different places across the globe, throughout the 6 extensive chapters of this new adventure. In Alaska, Hawaii, under the sea or up in the sky, in the middle of a hostile jungle or on board a huge yacht, you will experience an unforgettable adventure in a rich and varied environment. Pendulo Studios has come up with many juicy puzzles and exciting challenges which can be solved more or less easily depending on the player's level.

Features :

* With Runaway 2, Pendulo Studios succeeds once again in offering a detailed and polished universe without spoiling the game's cartoon style which gives the game its unquestionable charm, offering many technical improvements thanks to its evolved engine and special effects .

* Humour will abound in this adventure filled with allusions and references to movies, comics and video games. Runaway is a true comedy with a hilarious tone, plenty of jokes and some quite fantastic puzzles to solve.

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