Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ram Booster Expert 1:30 File Size: 2.11mb

Our product is a memory optimization tool that will help you to increase the computer free memory count and will make your Windows to run faster and stable.
It also display many useful information's about system memory (free, used and total physical memory, free, used and total page file, clipboard content size and CPU usage). Use our memory cleaner, RAM Booster Expert, and boost your computer free memory now!
Many software products, including Windows, load a huge amount of libraries in memory, but not all of them are necessary. Our memory optimizer product will find these memory blocks and will unload them to the page file. When some of this data becomes necessary it is loaded back to RAM memory again.
Sometimes when applications close, not the entire allocated memory is released. RAM Booster Expert finds these memory leaks and flushes them, increasing size of free memory. Also RAM Booster Expert make a memory de-fragmentation that reduce the needed time for CPU to find the information. Immediately after optimization process you can get your computer running a little bit slower, but this only for a couple of seconds.
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