Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quake 4

The Quake series is, alongside Doom and Wolfenstein, one of id software's great contributions to the PC first-person shooter genre. Although the three previous games didn't bear much resemblance to each other, serving mostly as technological marvels around which excellent multiplayer games were made, Quake 4 features unarguably the best single-player experience yet to arrive in a Quake title (thanks to the sure hands at Raven Software being responsible for its development), and is also the first Quake game to be directly tied in to a previous game in the series.

Quake IV a direct sequel to Quake II, which saw you, as a nameless Space Marine, land deep behind enemy lines on the planet Stroggos and attempt to take out their supreme leader, the Makron. In Quake 4, you take on the role of Matthew Kane, one of the Space Marines sent to Stroggos to take advantage of the chaos on the planet after the Makron's assassination. This time, though, you're not on your own; you'll fight alongside numerous other Marines as you attempt to shut down the Nexus, the Strogg communications grid, and attempt to send their forces into disarray.

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