Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Iron Storm ISO

Format : ISO
Language : English
Size : 8 x 99.18mb , 1 x 28.88mb

Between reality and fiction. The game takes place in an imaginary environment that has been inspired by real events. Iron Storm takes real elements from the First World War (trenches, barbed wire fences, mines, gas warfare...) and combines them with more modern elements from the Second World War (radar, penicillin, automatic weapons, tanks...) as well as elements inspired by the Vietnam War (helicopters, lasers, electronics...).

The gameplay in Iron Storm combines shoot 'em-up, action and reflection. The player undertakes an infiltration mission and must possess combat skills as well as stealth if he is to survive as he penetrates behind enemy lines. Depending on the circumstances, the player can choose between first and third person views.

The player must pass through 6 worlds in a Germany ripped apart by the front line: the Friedrich line (the Western front), the Anton Denikin line (the Russo-Mongol front), Wolfenburg (an enemy-occupied town), the Mad Baron's heavy water factory, the 'Tzar Ivan' armoured train and the Reichstag in Berlin. The player must face different types of enemy, all of whom have different fighting styles and AI: Kazakh troops, Sturmpionners (soldiers of the 'Deutsche Reichskorps', Russo-Mongol allies), Siberians, Cadets from Baron Ungern's bodyguard and, especially, Consortium agents.

Wiz must also watch out for all the dangers of a real war: machinegun bunkers, snipers, mines, tanks, aerial bombardments, muddy trenches, dogs carrying mines which are trained to attack the enemy, etc. The player's weapons consist of a Russian short sabre, a Heckler & Koch MP-6 'Wotan' assault pistol with a silencer fitted, a Remington M910 'Bull's Eye' shotgun, a M203 40mm 'Clovis' grenade launcher, fragmentation and smoke grenades, and antipersonnel and magnetic mines.

Game Features:

* Set in an alternate history where World War I never ended.
* Play in both first and third person.
* Online multiplayer mode including 16-player DeathMatch, Cooperative and
Capture the Flag.
* Highly detailed 3D graphics providing an incredibly realistic environment
reinforced by amazing sound effects.
* Captivating plot delivered through in-game action.
* 5 different weapons.
* 6 different levels.


Password : rebe

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