Friday, May 11, 2007

3D Ultra Cool Pool

What 3D Ultra Cool Pool Is about:
This isn’t your father’s pool game, folks.
Play such daring original variations as Rocket Ball, Mad Bomber, and Poker in this intense billiards outing...

8 Ball. 9 Ball. Chameleon Ball?
Oh, sure... you can practice your standard 45-degree bank shots and your pinch kisses all day long in a game of Eight Ball or Rotation
(Cool Pool has five classic games on a gorgeously-rendered table). But where else can you call "Rocket Ball, corner pocket"?
Only with Cool Pool, where Chameleon balls take on the color of the ball that strikes them - and five very non-traditional games put a whole new spin on pool strategy and fun.
It's Pool with Attitude!

If you're a purist, you'll love Cool Pool's elegant interface, super-accurate physics, and multiplayer option that lets you challenge
other players FREE over the Internet.
Or you're looking for a quick game loaded with action and surprise, you'll love Cool Pool's specially shaped tables and special effects.
What other pool hall has exploding balls and flying coins? Chalk it up to pure fun.

5 Classic Games

Mad Bomber.
Rocket Ball.
24 Cents.
Chameleon Ball.

Platform: PC Games
Genre: Sports

ESRB Rating:
"3D Ultra Cool Pool" is rated Everyone

3D Ultra Cool Pool Special Features:
• New pool variations
• Traditional billiards
• Odd tables
• 3D graphics
• Multiplayer action


Windows 98/95/ME/XP: Pentium 166 (Pentium 200 preferred),
4x CD-ROM drive (12x preferred), 32MB RAM (64MB preferred),
70MB hard drive space (plus 60MB of free swap space),
SVGA800x600 @ 16-bit, Windows compatible sound card.



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